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2003-12-29 / 12:27 p.m.

Hearing/Watching:: Young & The Restless
Wearing:: PJ's....heh
Thinking:: I need to go shower

Ok what did ya get me for Chirstmas? Dont say nothing or I will pout...yours is in the mail

Seriously.. I hope the fat man was kind to everyone as he was to me and my was a great holiday overall and even extended the olive branch to a few people I never thought I would but in recent events realized there is no reason to continue holding grudges over things you just can't change. It's pointless and damnit was starting to give me crow's feet..and I refuse to have wrinkles...ever. I. mean. it.

Jessica is on vacation (slit my throat) and I am enjoying every minute of it (well naptime anyways) and the endless bonding with her sister is very endearing (if they scream at each other one more time I may have to jump)


I love this time of year

BTW...I was kidding about the has been great but really those 2 need to quit fighting so much. I called my sisters the other day to say Whats Shakin and happen to mention how we never fought like that ever and both of them laughed hysterically at me and told me that my memory sucked ass or it was just because I was the baaaaaaaaaybeeee of the family and chose to block the memory of torturing them. lol hmmph I think they made it up...a conspiracy of the 2 older one's to hold a sista down. (FU bitches) lol

Soooo what does everyone have planned for New Years? C'mon...I need to live vicariously through someone since the next time I see any time with the man without any kidlets is in March when we are going to Detroit & Jackson MI. (Dont ask...has something to do with Ted Nugent and hunting or pork or something along them lines....ugh) See...I love you Michinganders (*Ahem* Teri *Ahem*) :D

Anywho...nothing more to report than I am lazy...dont want to do any laundry and/or



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