2003-12-15 / 12:50 a.m.

Hearing/Watching:: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Wearing:: fuzzy socks and night shirt
Thinking:: my head is killing me *reaches for Excedrine Migraine*

Ok - I contemplated stealing the cast page off the other diary but I didn't lol Here is an updated version!

Me - Brandy: I am *cough* almost 30 years old - Mom - Wife - Eccentric:

Me on Me

"I like to describe myself as humerous and wacky. I love to make people smile and have been known to break out in song to lighten a mood up. I love my family very much and consider myself to be a wonderful friend. I have been through a lot in my short lifespan but the most important thing about it is that I don't regret any of it. I embrace everything with a (almost) positive attitude and try to overcome everything with humor. I have a quick temper and found that if I don't handle things with humor it tends to make me I grew up a military brat and have lived in several countries and most of the US. I love people and love meeting all these personalities behind the keyboards as well as the people I encounter in the "real world"

Taking a breather

"I recently quit working to stay home with my children and have found that this was the best decision for my family and I. I am looking to start nursing school in Jan but if I don't have my test scores back in time - I will definately be starting in Aug. I am a caretaker by nature and what better way to help people than to help them when they need it the mos?"

Jason (The Man): Husband - Father - Bread Winner - Whiney Butt LOL

Me on Jason

"That's My Man...what can I say...we've been married for what feels like a damn eon and we have seen our fair share of crap over the years but have found that letting it go and concentrating on the great things that brought us together in the first place keeps us from ever going back down that dark road. He is the most funniest person I have ever met. He keeps me in tears from his jokes most of the time. He also has the biggest heart there is. He would literally go to the end of the world and back to help anyone out. I think that is what I love about him most is his compassion and his sense of empathy. He is an awesome father and very active in their lives."

Jessica: Oldest Kidlet - 7 yrs old - Diva in Training

Me on Jessica

"Aww my baby is getting so grown up and she is such a beautiful little girl. She is very kind to people and has a quick wit that nearly matches mine. lol She loves music; brats; Barbie; reading; tormenting her lil sis lol; and helping me clean house (straaaaange isn't it? lol) She's sensitive but not overly sensitive...she is a mirror image inside and out of her father."

Savannah: Youngest Kidlet - 2 yrd old - Heathen

Me on Savannah

"Aww my She is the most spirited little thing I have seen! She loves to sing and dance and play the piano (ok so she bangs on the piano but its music to my ears! lol) Sis is very loving and always wants you to hold her hand. She's Momma's girl and lets everyone know it too! lol"


Mom & Dad: The parental figures

They just moved to Maine and I miss them. I'll be bitching incessantly about them here because I am pouting right

Chrissy: Middle sister; lives in Maine; has 2 kidlets (Cashlin and Dillon); pain in my; EMT; married to Milon

Charlotte: Oldest sister; lives in Maine; has 2 kidlets (Jenika and Jon); pain my; SAHM; Divorced

Jennifer: SIL; 25; friend (; kooky; 2 kidlets (Bailey & Jordan); Jason's sister

Jenny: Best Friend; 27; Navy wife; currently lives in TX; 2 kidlets (Rebecca & Joshua); married to Marcus; MISS HER! Jason's 1st wife's sister...lmao

Kris: 33; Best Friend; lives in Humble TX; recently divorced (Ladies he is fiiiiiiine too!); known him since I was 15. Due to be here soon.

Anyone else...well I am sure knowing me that I will give full description within the entry...but there it is.

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