101 Things You Wished You Didn't Know About Moi

2003-12-08 / 5:10 a.m.

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Since I already did one of those 100 things about me @ the other diary...Read those delicious morsels of nonsense HERE

I am going to try to come up with some new ones...lol yeah, ok...we will see

1.) My middle name is Renee and yes with that little accent mark..but I am stupid

and don't know how to do that on the computer..lol

2.) I sometimes stay up 2-3 days in a row - stimulant free - just because I don't like to sleep.

3.) I am addicted to infomercials (could be why I don't like to sleep, eh? lol)

4.) I am a news junkie...I read all the major newspapers online and then I turn to the smut sites (i.e, People, EW, Page Six...lol)

5.) I am all about the hair band..and somewhat proud of it damnit!

6.) I still use Love's Baby Soft (C'mon! I can't be the only one!)

7.) I mosturize everyday and have since I was 12. I think that is why no one can tell I am a spry 21, ahem, 29 year old..lol

8.) I have a weird eating habit...nothing can touch on my plate...or I won't eat it.

9.) I have blue eyes, but when I am mad they turn light green.

10.) I have a smart mouth...lol Naw, never would have guessed it?

11.) I love emails...even if they are spam! lol

12.) I could be arrested for this...but I download off of KaZaa on a nightly basis...even movies, d'oh!

13.) I am know as the Porn Princess at my hubby's work since they all want pornos for free and I d/l them...what the hell...

14.) I spend many a time backstage at several concerts a year...gotta love it

15.) I change my hair color once a month...this month it is auburn with blonde streaks.

16.) I will read anything...the back of a cereal box, pill bottle, or toothpaste...whatever is handy..

17.) People think I ran GroupieCentral.com before it collapsed...I swear ppl it wasnt me!

18.) My mission in life is to find out who runs Metal Sludge...anyone know?

19.) I am 5'3"

20.) I wear a size 9 in shoes...little person, big feet

21.) My boobies are big

22.) My butt is bigger...remember ppl....I am the J-Lo of the Polish world.

23.) People accuse me of speaking "ghetto fabulous" AND?

24.) I usually procrastinate like you wouldn't believe....but I actually have all my

Christmas shopping completed..whoot whoot

25.) I love posting on message boards...Ezboard is a fav and so is the Tesla board...

26.) My oldest daughter thinks I am the coolest mom alive...that's pretty great coming from a 7 yr old..

27.) I love my kids so much

28.) I have a dry, dry sense of humor..sometimes I am the only one laughing and that can be

embarrassing out in town! LOL

29.) My husband calls me the "eccentric wonder girl" and threatens to charge a fee for tickets to see

me in action...lol asshole.

30.) I really don't like to shop but will do it online

31.) I like to paint...I just painted my living room "Reddened Earth"

32.) I am addicted to Mahjonng Solitaire on Yahoo.

33.) I haven't had a drink of alcohol in like..years...wow

34.) I smoke...wish I didn't...guess we get one vice in life...don't smoke around the kidlets tho

35.) I drive a SUV

36.) I own my house

37.) I was born in Florida

38.) I have lived in 2 countries (Italy and Cuba) and many of the lower 48 states.

39.) I was a military brat, active military member, and ex Army wife..sense a theme here?

40.) I wear only my wedding set and a solitaire that my dad bought me when I was 12. Other

than that, you won't catch me in jewelry.

41.) I wear flip flops in the winter.

42.) I get giddy when a computer store runs a gigantic sale.

43.) Wal-Mart considers me a preferred customer and greets me by name when I come through the door..lol

44.) I swear a fucking lot.

45.) I am a very angry driver.

46.) I cry at cheesy movies.

47.) I am a collector at heart...my newest thing to collect...DVD's

48.) I am bold until I have to talk on the phone...then I am a wuss.

49.) I like to make faces @ Jason when he's sleeping...lol

50.) I am known to sometimes break it down in my own white girl style of dancing for no reason

51.) I've been asked to never do that again...lol

52.) I don't remember dreaming in a loooong time

53.) I wish I could remember since I bought that nifty dream analysis book..lol

54.) Chocolate is better than anything including sex.

55.) I play pool regularly and could proably hustle you for some money.

56.) I hate to cook but told I am good at it.

57.) I have so many projects in the works that I will never finish all of them...add anyone? lol

58.) I love those socks with toes in them...you know the kind....lol

59.) I am sad...my parents moved away from me..waaah

60.) My husband is kinda cool...dont tell him I said that.

61.) I ebay everyday

62.) I don't like to smile even tho my goal is to make everyone smile around me by acting a fool.

63.) I watch all the award shows or I TiVo them!

64.) I watch Starting Over religiously

65.) As with Dr Phil...

66.) I can't stand Oprah, tho

67.) I love Susie Hatton

68.) I rent too much on Netflix.com

69.) I watch obscure movies

70.) I am fascinated with the oddest things

71.) I am easily amused

72.) This list is starting to annoy me

73.) I get annoyed easily as well...lol

74.) I swoon for Kiefer Sutherland

75.) I heart David Bowie

76.) I have freckles

77.) I cant stand liars...just tell me the truth..what exactly do u think I am going to really do?

78.) I hunt and peck when I type.

79.) I paint my fingernails/toenails every other day

80.) I HATE unloading the dishwasher

81.) I love doing laundry even tho I complain about it

82.) My garage needs cleaning

83.) I'm thinking the hubs needs his ass kicked for that...lol

84.) I decorate to the nines for every holiday...right now there is no need for lights for all the

christmas lights I have strung...lol

85.) I dont like to eat breakfast even tho I cook every morning for the family

86.) I must have Coca-Cola...it's a must have or else!

87.) I hate winter

88.) I love Spring

89.) I love going to casinos

90.) I love hip hop music

91.) I eat Excedrine Migraine by the handfuls

92.) I love Broadway shows

93.) I like dark comedies...(i.e, Bad Santa, anything by The Farrelly Brothers...)

94.) I can't swim

95.) I was called Cookie Dough all through high school (don't ask!)

96.) I love pageants

97.) I love the internet

98.) I hate bad drivers

99.) I am wishing this list was done

100.) Yippee it almost is..

101.) I am off kilter most of the time and you know what...I like it that way!

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