Weeeeeee Valium is For Meeeee LOL

2003-12-13 / 3:07 a.m.

Hearing/Watching:: B Smith Style
Wearing:: T-shirt and shorts
Thinking:: I hate the dentist

I HATE HATE HATE the dentist....my tooth started hurting me about a week ago and I am such a puss that I wouldn't make an appt to go because apparently in my deep seeded emotional being I have suppressed this horrible memory of this old dentist trying to impale me with a drill...lol Yea - I swear it happened just like that! lol You know how kids are...well my fear spilled over into adult life which has caused me to put off going for like ever...so Jason comes home tells me to get dressed we need to go...(Oh yes - never never fall for this ladies) I have these grand ideas of being swept off my feet for dinner; drinks; and dancing....hell naw - I get the mother fucking dentist!!! Hello...this is not the way into my pants dipshit! LOL I so tease....

I had to have a root canal today...what the fuck...a ROOT CANAL...it sounds like pure evil...but the nice young STUDLY dentist that gave me happy blue pills called Valium made me feel at ease. The only thing that bothered me about the whole thing was....once the Valium kicked in; when my young STUDLY dentist smiled at me all I could think of was Mr. Ed LOL Seriously his grill was HUGE (teeth here ppl teeth...get your mind out of the gutters! oh wait; that was mine there...lol)...they were all shiny and pretty....lol I swear I almost told him that too and maybe a milligram more of that stuff I would have but I had enough precense of mind to keep my big mouth shut. Dentist with needle and drill is not the person you want to piss of in a situation like this. So farewell bad tooth hello porcelain caps! wooot wooot! I'm going HOLLYWOOD on Yo Ass! LOL 5 bucks I break it in a month or so...lol

Oh BTW...if you notice my incorrect overuse of the ; it's because the comma wont work...my littlest tiny terror spilled coke on my keyboard and has rendered my comma key unuseable! *shakes head* LOL

Ok - everyone knows me by now...so these are just random thoughts about things I have discovered that really pique my curiousity. That or it just plain horrifies me...lol Looking at this entry tells me I have too much dang time on my hands...*snicker*

Look @ this picture...does anyone else think that Ron Jeremy lost his twin @ birth? This is the dude that went over the falls in Niagra....he's from Michigan...I am beginning to think I am scared of that state...Eminem; Kid Rock; Ted Nugent; Freak boy from Niagra; I tease and no offense to you Michiganders :) If they are brothers; do you think he feels like he got screwed (or not screwed) by fate? :P

Freak Boy; oops I mean Kirk Jones:

Here's his brother; Ron Jeremy...eerily very similar yes?

Oh and it is just a fluke I know who Ron is...its not like I watch porn or anything...*snicker*

Here's another one that makes me wonder what the fuck...

Glen Campbell (The Rhinestone Cowboy!) now I ask of you my wonderful internet buddies is he TRYING to look all creepy and scary? Did he get in front of the mugshot man and say "Wait for me to get my meeeanie look perfect" LOL Goodness....he looks terrible...of course this is what we are measuring it against...I am not sure which look I like better or not LOL

GRRRRRR I am going to get you my pretty!

BWAHAHAHA I found this shot on SuperSeventies.com EEK such a horrid site...lol

And here's a little thing I learned today...you can order Pizza Hut pizza from the internet and they deliver it to your door!? What the hell you say...I know I was all aghast too! lol Technology --isnt it grand...one would think that if you can order pizza from a website and the little man in the hat shows up to deliver said webpage ordered doughy treat that the same ppl behind the push of all this wonderful technology could cure the frickin flu for fucks sake! lol Can you tell I am suffering from it?? A wee bit cranky but I'll survive.

The flu and a god damn root canal.....fuck me running! lol


Tis the season and shit for all those cheesy ass cartoons and movies about the feel good spirit of Christmas...shows geared to give us those warm fuzzies...well fuck that is what I say! LOL I love A Christmas Story to no end...yeah it makes me appreciate my memories as a child cuz this poor fool had it bad as a kidlet but it's still one of the funniest friggin movies ever. Here is a little montage of where the hell they ended up growing up to be:

We all love the little shit who is obsessed with getting him a bb gun...(You'll Shoot You're Eye Out!! LOL)

The man of the show:

RALPHIE! Ralph Parker

(Peter Billingsley)

[See Photo Below for NOW shot]

Mrs. Parker --Fellow Arkansan!

(Melinda Dillon)

Melinda NOW in Magnolia...

Mr. Parker (Old Man) [www.darrenmcgavin.net]

(Darren McGavin)

Randy Parker [www.ianpetrella.com]

(Ian Petrella)

[See Below Photo for NOW pic]


(Scott Swartz)

See Below for NOW picture

School Bully

(Scut Farcus)

See Below for NOW picture

And here they are now

From L to R : RD Robb (Swartz in the movie...I was too lazy to look him up..lol); Ian Petrella (Randy Parker); Peter Billingsley (RALPHIE!); some director guy..lol; Scott Swartz (Flick); Zack Ward (The School Bully - Farkas)

Welp - enuff of my insanity...little blue bills..mmmm lmao...I kid I kid!

Love Ya'll


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Wonderful outlet e-shop that I order from A LOT...lol Sssshh don't tell Jay!

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