Stalker Boy!

2003-12-25 / 4:19 p.m.

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Well I know I said I was going to write this entry like a week ago but you know me....easily distracted! lol Here is the story of the *errie music here* stalker boy *end eerie music here*


This all began 2 May's ago... right around my wedding anniversary when this guy started working at the HOP with me. I was a trainer so therefore in charge of training him. He seemed nice enough and polite. He picked up fast on the HOP way and moved into his own section. We worked graveyard so really in order to keep yourself busy and entertained it was good to get along with the people on your shift because before and after the bar rushes there is hardly a soul around. We usually was him; me; and Leslie (our

manager). We all became very good friends....It was a fun enviroment to be in and I enjoyed going to work...I was making great money and making even better friends or so I thought. ( Leslie is still a very close friend of mine even though she has since moved to Texas. )

Well Leslie and I started noticing a change about him...He was becoming increasingly late for work; grouchy when he got there; mouthy when he didn't get his way; and very nosey to my whereabouts and who I was talking to. If I happen to be "working my tip" from a table he would make comments about how I flirted too much or I spent way too much time looking at whatever guy was sitting there. I blew most of it off because I figured he was pissy because I was pulling in the tips and he wasn't. I had my own husband at home to give me enough grief about working late nights I sure as hell wasnt going to take it from a coworker...ya know?

Well...the weeks turned into months and I kept hearing these rumors going around the restaurant about me and this guy. I again blew it off for it just being a restaurant where rumors and drama play out on a daily basis and proably a fifth of what is being said had little truth to it to begin with. One night my regular table came in from The Aquarium (their nicknames for themselves were Brandy's There were proably six to seven very proud lesbians that were amongst this group..I love them dearly to this day and we even have poker night here at the house twice a month.

Well...this is how poker night began...I was getting off early and "The Bitches" were coming in and requesting me...I told them I would take them but they were going to have to let someone else takeover after I put their order in because I was getting to go home early for once..they were okay with it but a bit An idea struck in my head and I went over to the table and asked them to come home with me to play cards. I mean I had been waiting on the girls for like 6 months at this point and felt I knew them pretty good. They were all excited and so was I. We were giddy as we were leaving the restaurant. I call Jason from the freeway to give him a heads up that I was bringing company home at He had visions of unabondaned wild sex but I squashed that noise real quick and told them there was no way these girls would have anything to do with

We played cards until like was so much fun...that night when I went into work this guy is popping off at the mouth about me taking my table home with me. I told him to shut the fuck up and worry about his own backyard before he threw rocks into mine. He was beginning to creep me out. One night I went on break and was sitting in my car smoking a cigarrette listening to my radio and talking to a friend on my cell when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. He was behind the dumpster watching me. He wasnt smoking or anything...just standing there. Ugh. Sick feeling in my stomach. I blew it off again or tried to.

About a week later someone was banging on my windows in the back of my house (I live in a reeeeallly rural area so this freaked me the hell out) and Jason was working nights and my kids were at their grandparents cuz we both had to work that weekend. I got up and ran to the front of the house and looked out Jessica's window to see his car sitting out in my driveway!! He was hollering "Brandy! Get Up!" and finally with phone in hand and 911 ready to dial I opened the door. He waltzes in my house and sits down on the couch and says (get this) get me a beer. I looked at him like he was from Mars. I said "M----- You are going to have to leave before I call the cops" he told me that there was no way he was leaving and if I called the cops I would be taken care of. I asked him what he meant and he pulled his shirt up to reveal a pitchfork looking brand on his chest. I am naive when it comes to gangs but apparently his is an active member of Folks and I had no idea. I asked him how he knew where I lived and he said he had known for awhile since he follows me...(I live an hour from the HOP so its not like its across town or something)

Long story short and without much of the drama that I actually went through...2 gang members showed up at my house and flashed guns at me and told me to squelch the noise before they returned to do it for me...(this is one of many things to happen over 2 years time but to keep from sounding melodramatic I will keep that to myself)

I called Faulkner County Police and reported everything and luckily he had a warrant out for him which sent him to the pen for a year. I breathed easy for this year....with the exception of all the letters he wrote and all the collect phone calls he tried to place but I denied. They told me the day he got out of jail he was at the HOP looking for me...he showed up here. I told him that I would call the police if he did again. He knew he would go back for another year or 2. He told me he just wanted to apologize and he realized now that he got bad strung out on Meth and that he became obssessed with me. He told me a lot of things but all I wanted was him to get off my property and out of my life for good. He had brought a lot of fear and angst into my life and I just wanted him to stop. I told him that I accepted his apology if he never was to contact me ever again.

So there it is in a nutshell........


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