Kids got a scam and Bang Tango!

2003-12-10 / 1:20 a.m.

Hearing/Watching:: Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourn
Wearing:: Flannel PJ bottoms and T-Shirt
Thinking:: I want Craig Kilbourn

Hola fine diaryland people....

Look at this list of songs my oldest picked out for her personal CD..

Where The Blacktop Ends - Keith Urban

Chrome - Trace Adkins

Ignition {Remix} - R Kelly (WHA!)

No Sugar Tonight - The Guess Who

Stacey's Mom Has Got It Going On - by Who the hell knows (If you do - PLEASE EMAIL me cuz I need to find out)

Me Against The Music - Britney Spears

Shake Ya Tailfeather - P Diddy

Right Thurr - Chingy

Hell Yeah - Montgomery Gentry

Speed - Montgomery Gentry

What an ecclectic bunch of crap if you ask me..but at least I know she has a wide variety of musical tastes.

Plus it makes her happy so what the heck...nothing better than seeing the kidlets smile because of something

you did for it makes me cool, or kewl, in her

She also conned me into a sleepover this weekend. I get a phone call which she answered since I was knee deep in

laundry suds...I hear her giggle and then say, "MOM, PHONE!" I dry my hands the best I could and answered...only to have this tiny voice on the other end say, "Hevvo Mrs Robinson" (not my last name but close Apparently one Lexi in the 1st grade has a tooth missing and makes her sound so cute. Then she proceeds into all the reasons why she should come stay the night Sat. This kid could be a lawyer for gawd's sake. I just wanted to tell her, "You go little chick" LOL

I am going to post some more pics on the picture page of a couple of my tats and whatnot...go there if you want to see the freak in action...hehehe

BTW, anyone remember Bang Tango...OMG...downloaded Someone Just Like You off of WinMX...I'm back in the 80's with my Love's Baby Soft, Aqua Net, and prancing around in my day glo spandex shorts...LOL Woot Woot!

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